Leisurely React and TypeScript for Thinker-Doers

This is a series of half-day workshops on React in TypeScript at a leisurely pace over a few weeks, to get you started on the right foot for front-end development with a solid understanding of key concepts and a sound mental model. Featuring opinionated views on design-first thinking, simple architecture, use of TypeScript for strong typing and programming functionally.

  • Sept 29
    4 hours
    07:00 - 11:00 UTC
    Hackle Wayne
    1 600 USD

Made for developers new to React, TypeScript or front-end, or those needing a refresher. Prior programming experience is necessary, but not specific to any language or framework.
Throughout the workshops we'll build a fun and increasingly complex front-end application from scratch. These are the sessions:

  1. Introduction to React with TypeScript - 29 Sept
  2. State management with React hooks - 6 Oct
  3. State management with Redux / Sagas - 13 Oct
  4. Forms with React - 20 Oct
  5. Routing and styling - 27 Oct
  6. Testing: unit testing, React testing library and Cypress tests - 3 Nov
  7. Authorization and authentication - 10 Nov
  8. Operations: build pipelines, deployment and source mapping - 17 Nov

This workshop works best with at least 3 people. If you have colleagues or friends that want to join with you – great! If not, please reach out to [email protected], and we will let you know as soon as there is a group to join.

Hackle Wayne
Experienced OO programmer turned functional advocate, Xero

A veteran in the trade, Hackle enjoys programming as a thinking game. He advocates programming functionally while trying to share his learnings in ways that are pragmatic, idiomatic and accessible.

  • This workshop can be tailored for groups. Please contact [email protected] for customized content, dates, and/or times.
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