Make Your Own Cross-Platform Malware in Java for Fun, but not Profit!

In this workshop, you will practically learn how to build real-world Ransomware in Java that bypass conventional security systems (e.g., Antivirus) from Scratch. Moreover, we will learn how to analyze and protect yourself against deceptive and sophisticated ransomware with practical approaches.

  • Apr 1
    1 day
    12:00 - 18:00
    450 USD

Requirements: a basic understanding of operating systems and networking.

What you'll learn:

-Understanding differences between various categories of malware in real-world hacking such as ransomware, trojan, and keylogger in ethical hacking
-Learning cryptography basics for ransomware design
-Learning Java Basics required for ransomware design
-Creating a basic cross-platform Ransomware Program that works on Windows, Linux, and macOS
-Building an advanced Ransomware For Windows, Linux, and macOS
-Learning how to hide your ransomware from standard protection tools such as antivirus engines
-How To Setup A Sandbox Environment For Malware Analysis
-Analyzing ransomware by static code Analysis
-Analyzing ransomware by call-graph technique
-Analyzing ransomware by dynamic taint tracking
-How to remove ransomware from your system

Mohammadreza Ashouri
PhD in Software Security. Cyber Security Researcher at Virginia Tech, Associate Lecturer at Arden University

Mohammadreza is a software security researcher and program analysis enthusiast. Particularly he is interested in studying various techniques of performing program fuzzing and testing for COTS binaries. In this regard, he has successfully implemented several practical security testing frameworks, such as Tainer (for Java), RustFuzz (for Rust), and Etherolic (for Ethereum). The results of his research projects have been published in top-notch conferences and journals and achieved various awards. Mohammadreza currently works as a postdoc researcher in Cyber Security at Virginia Tech as well as an adjunct assistant professor at Arden University in Berlin. Mo used to work for the University of Potsdam, CISPA, and Oracle Labs. He is also the founder and CEO of PersimmonWeb, a software startup. Currently, Mohammadreza lives in Berlin, and he likes cycling, photography, writing, and mixing electronics.
For more information check out his personal website:

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