RavenDB in Action

Get a hands-on foundation in Document Data Modeling using the RavenDB NoSQL Database and its rich API. Learn how to model data to give you efficiency and flexibility in managing the information your applications are using. Enjoy an in-depth demonstration of core RavenDB features, including practical use cases, and discover advanced query capabilities enabled by RavenDB’s SQL-based Raven Query Language.

  • Mar 22
    2 days
    08:00 - 16:00 UTC
    525 USD


Theory and principles of Document Data Modeling

Using RavenDB - Client API, RQL, Advanced Indexing and deep-dive into key features including Counters and Spatial Queries

Scaling RavenDB - replication, clustering, load balancing, failover

Intended audience:

Experienced .NET/Java/Node.js developers with little to no experience with RavenDB.

Computer setup:

The audience would require a laptop with development environment:

.NET: latest .NET Core installed and Visual Studio 2017 or higher.

Java: latest JDK installed and Eclipse or IntelliJ IDE

Node.js: latest Node.js LTS installed and VSCode IDE

Dejan Miličić

Dejan is a consultant with more than 20 years of experience as a professional software developer - designing, writing, and maintaining applications, focusing on Software Architecture and Backend development.

He advocates Domain-Driven Design, Behavior Driven Development, Functional Programming, and API-First development.

Dejan is passionate about Open Source, RavenDB, Software Architecture, and Software Professionalism, supporting the Software Crafting Serbia community via workshops and meetups. He is an active proponent of knowledge sharing, professional ethics, and usage of Type Driven Development and Functional techniques to reduce complexity, increase expressiveness, and improve the correctness of software.

In his spare time, Dejan works on open source projects, mentors startups in various development phases and participates in Startup Accelerator programs supporting entrepreneurs through on-site and off-site consultations.

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